Who We Are

Cleopatra Cement is an industry leader in the field of white cement, powering the manufacturing needs of a wide and diverse pool of customers. Born in 2018 as a demerged company of Helwan Cement Co, Cleopatra Cement now owns the 30-year-old white cement plant in El-Minya governorate.

In January 2019, Cleopatra Cement became part of Emar Industries, which is backed by an international group of companies involved in cement production, trading of building materials, logistics & port operations and several other sectors.

When working with white cement, the first thing to consider is the degree of whiteness, and Cleopatra Cement's products have become well-known for their unique degree of whiteness. This market leadership status has allowed us to deliver our products to customers across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and even the U.S.

Our Vision

We seek to play an essential role in the world trade map of white cement production through continuous advancement and innovation. Made to resemble pharaonic architectural and construction skills, Cleopatra Cement’s aspirations are born from our unwavering efforts to be the most trusted and credible producer of high quality white cement, competitively distinctive for its whiteness.

Our Mission

At Cleopatra Cement, we proudly aim to be the most trusted Egyptian white cement supplier to a global customer base. Through our experienced team and years of know-how, we prioritize our R&D and quality control systems to reach the highest levels of whiteness, quality and consistency in our cement. Our exceptional source of raw materials in Samalout, El-Minya helps us adapt to market needs and new applications & trends, both locally and internationally.

Our Planet

Established in 1989, the plant currently has an annual clinker and cement capacity of 300k tons and 420k tons, respectively, which allows us to deliver high volumes of prime white cement both locally and internationally.

The plant’s premium location in Samalout, El-Minya governorate has been integral in the production of high-quality white cement and the distribution of our products to a comprehensive national network across all construction segments, including residential, commercial, industrial and public infrastructure.